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Challenge #1 - Attention Seeker - School aged Kids (5-12 years)

' The Most beautiful thing in the world is a child's smile. The next best thing?

Knowing that you are the reason behind it '

Children are like a growing bud specially the age group of 5-12 years. This is the age when child expand his/her horizon and spend more time away from their parents. Be it school, making friends and learning more about the world. They become inquisitive for each and everything like bag of candies, all the time their mind full of WHYs???? Today, the first challenge or you can say my first blog as a mother of 7 year old girl who is witty, smart, talented, sharp, grasps things quickly and so on.............................................. YES I AM A PROUD MOTHER !!!!!! but the thought which always tickles my tummy is - Does she need extra care in the world full of competition and race runners????? As a parent we become cheerful and excited, especially in parents-teachers meet, when the teacher says - Oh, Your daughter is PERFECT!!!!! She does not need any extra attention/effort. She always attentive in the class and always ready for voluntary help. She is the First Bencher 🙂 WHAT ELSE YOU NEED........ IS IT SO SIMPLE????

In the present scenario, when all schools are shut and kids are forced to online classes with no more actual presence of friends and no more attention of teachers My Today's Challenge- Yesterday, my daugther was crying when she caught up watching cartoon while online classes going on

ME : Why did you do this? You love to attend classes and talk to your teacher and friends SHE : Please ma, send me to regular classes. I dont like online classes ME : Not possible for another few months due to COVID 19 situation. What really bothers you? SHE : Mumma, I dont like online classes as Madam doesnot pay attention to me and doesnot ask me question. How she will know my capabilities? ..................continously crying... OMG...She is feeling bad when people are not recognising her or giving attention to her. (at the age of 7 years) . I should be happy or worried.... PUZZLED!!!!!!! ME : Dear, dont worry.. It is OKAY if you dont get notice It is OKAY if mam doesnot ask any question from you It is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to just learn things not to prove anything but only to increase your knowledge

It is ABSOLUTELY OKAY, if you will be count in the back bencher's sometimes

YES IT IS OKAY IF PEOPLE WILL NOT RECOGNISE YOU SOMETIMES, YOUR TIME WILL COME We have to keep low stress level at this tender age itself, to avoid long term mental effects She is happy Today.... Happy Mom,happy child🙂 SMILE PARENTS

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